During his tenure at Yahoo, Fernando established himself as an outstanding Product Manager, leader, and mentor.  He was involved in key product and launches, our hiring process, and setting up and running our APM program.  As such, he is in a unique position to advise on what it takes to excel on a PM interview and subsequently be a successful PM.  As someone who often saw him in action as a PM or when mentoring PMs, I would recommend him without reservation.

Enrique Muñoz Torres, Senior Vice President, Yahoo Advertising & Search

Few people have the opportunity to have a committed and experienced advisor by their side. I have been lucky to count with Fernando's invaluable mentorship and advise while structuring our startup.

He has the experience to know what to anticipate and what strategic moves to make in a technology venture. His level of engagement and willingness to share his expertise lends for a great exchange that delivers direct helpful feedback.

Above all, Fernando is a great listener, he understands the context and provides practical ways to keep our team productive and on point.

Corina Peñaloza, Co-Founder, QuickLoad

Fernando is a true product leader. Many product managers talk about making data driven decisions, but few actually do it, and even fewer do it as well as Fernando. His ability to rally a team and deliver a stunning product (on time!) was second to none during my time at Yahoo.

Devin Abbott, Co-founder, Deco Software

Fernando is one of the finest product leaders I've had the pleasure of working with. He brings a unique blend of seasoned product expertise, deep technical knowledge, and razor sharp analytics to back his decisions, which has never ceased to impress. Fernando led a number of high profile projects @ Yahoo, resulting in some of the most successful product launches at Yahoo to date. He was also instrumental in setting up the Associate Product Management (APM) program @ Yahoo and was always available as a mentor to counsel the hand selected prime talents of this accelerated leadership program. Fernando has always been known as the been-there-done-that leader who ships products, builds businesses, and operates at the highest caliber.

Gaurav Malhotra, Product Lead, Yahoo Gemini Advertising

Fernando’s advice and mentorship was instrumental in my transition from a software engineer to a product manager at a large tech company. Fernando helped me to understand the way large corporate organizations worked, the internal and external pressures that influenced my peer’s, and how to effectively work with my team. Fernando was constantly looking for ways to facilitate the next step in my development as a PM.

Spencer Liolios, Co-founder, Deco Software

Fernando has a way of bringing out the best in a product manager. I was part of the Associate Product Manager program that Fernando led at Yahoo. He was instrumental in ensuring the success of us, nascent product managers during our early months at Yahoo. In particular, Fernando's ability to combine a hands-off style with highly effective strategic guidance, makes him a superb PM mentor to have. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Fernando again!

Pranav Ramkrishnan, Associate Product Manager, Yahoo

Fernando provides radically transparent, concise, and appropriate feedback for all things Product Management and Career-related. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that is looking to break into a career in Product Management.

Jonathan Ng, Product Manager, Nest (Google)

Fernando was an exemplary star product manager at Yahoo! Combining his deep knowledge, experience in product management and his amiable attitude, he was instrumental in making the Yahoo APM program a success. He is creative, smart, quick and also very approachable, this earned him the title "Steve with a heart". He is highly respected and admired by fellow team mates who continue to miss his jovial presence even to this day. At Yahoo, he was trusted to deliver many big corporate projects like the Yahoo News app and Yahoo Mail both of which boast a well deserved 4+ star rated in App Store. That in itself should speak volumes about his capability. So if you are looking for a role model who is a true Silicon Valley visionary with a positive attitude and tenacity to get shit done - look no further! I hope I get a opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Avinash Chukka, Associate Product Manager, Yahoo Messenger

Fernando hired me into the first class of Associate Product Managers at Yahoo. He taught me about product management, connected me with the company's senior leaders, and taught me how to conduct product manager interviews. Thanks to his mentorship, I was able to hone my product sense and learn the skills required of a Product Manager across a range of verticals. As a result of my work at Yahoo, the White House asked me to join the United States Digital Service to set up product manager programs inside the Federal Government.

Michael Plasmeier, Digital Services Specialist at USDS/The White House

Fernando is an excellent PM leader. From his time as my manager, I learned how to advocate for user needs and collaborate with cross-functional teams to ship great products. He was also a lead of Yahoo’s APM program, where he invested in and developed the careers of young PMs. Fernando is definitely a great resource for anyone looking to improve his or her PM skills!

Prithvi Prabahar, Associate Product Manager, Yahoo