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I worked as a Product Manager in high-tech companies for 8 and a half years. I was very lucky to be able to contribute to well-known products such as Google's web search, Google Maps, Android, Yahoo's mobile app and Yahoo Mail. My areas of expertise include mobile app development, user experience, design, data analytics, hiring, developing in-house talent, e-commerce, and online advertising. You can read more about my professional experience and resume.

If your company is interested in my services as a consultant, please reach out to me at and we can discuss details.


Few people have the opportunity to have a committed and experienced advisor by their side. I have been lucky to count with Fernando's invaluable mentorship and advise while structuring our startup.

He has the experience to know what to anticipate and what strategic moves to make in a technology venture. His level of engagement and willingness to share his expertise lends for a great exchange that delivers direct helpful feedback.

Above all, Fernando is a great listener, he understands the context and provides practical ways to keep our team productive and on point.

Corina Peñaloza, Co-Founder, QuickLoad

During his tenure at Yahoo, Fernando established himself as an outstanding Product Manager, leader, and mentor.  He was involved in key product and launches, our hiring process, and setting up and running our APM program.  As such, he is in a unique position to advise on what it takes to excel on a PM interview and subsequently be a successful PM.  As someone who often saw him in action as a PM or when mentoring PMs, I would recommend him without reservation.

Enrique Muñoz Torres, Senior Vice President, Yahoo Advertising & Search