Fernando Delgado

Fernando Delgado

Hi there!

Out of the billions of websites out there, you've somehow landed on this one, so thanks for your visit!

I am currently a Sr. Product Manager at Google, working on Google One.

I am a former Product Management coach and entrepreneur.

I used to help people train for PM interviews, and I offered advice in the form of consulting. Occasionally, I ran workshops to teach people about Product Management Fundamentals. If you're interested in getting in touch, feel free to reach me at hello@fernandodelgado.com.

I also have a blog. My goal is to post something interesting every now and then. I primarily share interviewing tips, products that I enjoy, and general thoughts on Product Management.

I am an advisor to Product Manager HQ, a community dedicated to helping people learn about Product Management and excel at that role. PMHQ runs the largest Slack community of PMs and hosts a One Week PM course.

In mid 2016, I founded La Tienda Venezolana, an online store specializing in Venezuelan physical goods. In late 2015, I founded Quartz Timepieces, a website aimed at curating and selling unique timepieces. Quartz Timepieces failed within  3 months, so I moved on to the next project.

I have advised various organizations on product management, hiring, talent development, analytics, web presence, social media, online advertising, and e-commerce.

Prior to becoming a full-time coach and consultant, I worked in Silicon Valley (with a 2-year stint in Zurich, Switzerland) for over 8 years - 5.5 of those I spent at Google as a Product Manager and 3 at Yahoo as a Senior Director of Product Management. If you want to learn more, check out my experience.

I am currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area.